Q. Can I use my PO Box address for shipping items ?

TreeChoice do NOT ship to PO Box addresses.


Q. When can I expect my order to be delivered ?

All TreeChoice orders placed before 5 pm PST will be shipped on the same day. You will receive a FedEx tracking number along with the shipping confirmation email at the end of the day your order ships. Please use the tracking number to get an estimated delivery date.



Q. What are the dimension of the plates?

A. Each plate varies in thickness and colors as each plate is derived from Mother Nature and we do not alter the natural state of the leaf. You can look at the physical dimensions in the product page.

Q. Can I use the palm plates/bowls for hot food?

A. Definitely, the plates/bowls are perfectly SAFE with both cold and hot food. 


Q. Can I re-use the plates?

A. These are disposable plates. Many of TreeChoice customers re-use the plates after using for dry food items such as cookies, chips etc.

Q. Can I re-heat the plates with food?

A. Re-heat your food these leaf plates are microwave save. 


Q. Can I use the regular steel cutlery with this palm plates?

A. TreeChoice palm plates are durable enough to be used with stainless steel cutlery. 

Q. Are these plates stackable?

A. These plates and bowls are strong enough to be stacked anywhere.


Q. What is the Return and Refund Policy?

A. We want our customers to be fully satisfied. TreeChoice is backed by full warranty or receive your money back.



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